100% SKAL - EKO certified
  100% vegetable - with active hops!
  Easy to use and made for the serious hobbyist
  Growing EKO
  Grow your own "EKO" crops
CANNA proudly presents the revolutionary and newly developed organic product line: "BIOCANNA". BIOCANNA products are 100% natural and meet all the requirements for organic farming. This means they are legally checked and guaranteed ORGANIC!

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Only a limited supply of BioBOOST is available at this moment due to its overwhelming success. Production capacity is being expanded AT THIS MOMENT!

BIOCANNA can now be delivered to Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Spain and Portugal.

BIOCANNA is available to you! The day has arrived that you can truly grow organic.

BIOCANNA products can be delivered to the shops in the Netherlands!

The complete SKAL International certification is in place. It is now possible to grow ecologically using BIOCANNA products.

The BIOCANNA line will be proudly presented at the seventh Highlife fair.

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